Film Design & Art Direction

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The Girl in the Spider's Web (2017/18)

Sony Pictures Entertainment, Dir. Fede Alvarez


Phantom Thread (2016/17)

Annapurna / Focus Features, Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson


Annihilation (2015/16)

DNA Films / Paramount, Dir. Alex Garland


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2014/15)

Warner Brothers, Dir. Guy Ritchie


The Program (2013)

Working Title, Dir. Stephen Frears


Ex Machina (2013)

DNA Films / Universal, Dir. Alex Garland


The Fifth Estate (2013)

Dreamworks, Dir. Bill Condon


The Double (2012)

Alcove Entertainment, Dir. Richard Ayoade


Trance  (2011)

Fox Searchlight, Dir. Danny Boyle


2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony (2010/11)

Dir. Danny Boyle, with Mark Tildesley, Suttirat Larlarb, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Charlie Cobb


Pertwee, Anderson & Gold (2010)

Interior Design of Art Gallery, Bateman Street, Soho


One Day (2010)

Focus Features, Dir. Lone Scherfig


The American (2009)

Focus Features, Dir. Anton Corbijn


Never Let Me Go (2009)

DNA Films / 20th Century Fox, Dir. Mark Romanek


Cheri (2008)

Bill Kenwright, Pathé, Dir. Stephen Frears


The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus (2008)

Poo Poo Pictures / Infinity Features, Dir. Terry Gilliam


Hunger (2007)

Film 4, Dir. Steve McQueen


Happy-Go-Lucky (2007)

Thinman Films / Simon Channing Williams, Dir. Mike Leigh


28 Weeks Later (2006)

DNA Films / 20th Century Fox, Dir. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo


10,000 BC (2006)

Warner Bros/ Rich Films, Dir. Roland Emmerich


Sunshine (2005)

DNA Films, Dir. Danny Boyle


Breakfast on Pluto (2004)

Number 9 Films / Alan Moloney, Dir. Neil Jordan


The Constant Gardener (2003/04)

Focus Features / Simon Channing Williams, Dir. Fernando Meirelles


Millions (2003)

Mission Pictures, Dir. Danny Boyle


Code 46 (2002/03)

Revolution Films, Dir. Michael Winterbottom


The Mother (2002)

BBC Films, Dir. Roger Michell


28 Days Later (2001/02)

DNA Films / 20th Century Fox, Dir. Danny Boyle


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